mis⋅an⋅thrope  [mis-uhn-throhp, miz-]

noun a hater of humankind.

Also, mis⋅an⋅thro⋅pist [mis-an-thruh-pist, miz‑]

Origin: 1555–65; n. use of Gk mīsánthrōpos hating humankind, misanthropic. See mis- 2 , anthropo-

I know it’s Wikipedia – but I really can’t be bothered to find a more reliable source of evidence – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Misanthropy

Examples –

Alceste ❤ [Moliere’s Le Misanthrope]

Timon [Shakespeare’s Timon of Athens]

Ebenezer Scrooge [Dicken’s A Christmas Carol]

Most probably Trent Reznor ❤

Just thought I’d sum myself up in whole for you ; ]

Quick side note – Nice pic =]


I love Steven Thomas Mossman-Liddle – just thought I’d add that too!

Carpe diem.


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